Website Development

  Does your existing site need an overhaul?

  Did you contract with a marketing company years ago that has since faded away, no longer available for site updates?

  Maybe you’ve tried the “free” Web marketing sites like Wix or Weebly but found their add-ons too limited or expensive.

  As a small business owner, you want to have uncomplicated access to site content in order to maintain control and timing of your message.

Let’s create a balanced solution to fit your unique situation.

Browse through these site projects with a bit of background…..


This client had subscribed to an expensive marketing company that used a lot of bland statements and cookie-cutter promotional phrases in his site’s copy. Convenient for them, they simply reuse the same verbiage on dozens of their other sites, no matter the service industry. His cheaper and more-personalized roofing site is now attracting more customers than ever.

Seventeen years of research resulted in a blended cancer protocol, which for many people helps avoid or reduce physically-demanding treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. This site includes a store with PayPal and Stripe-based card processing, an affiliate portal, and embedded video previews from their YouTube channel.

An “outsider’s church” located in eastern Jackson county, for cowboys, bikers, ranchers. A secondary domain name “” directs visitors to an event-detail landing page. A third-party store for logo apparel was launched, as well as a trial of “Rangerslist” where donors post garage-sale items.

Part of the Play. Story. Eat discipleship process developed by Daybreak International. They focus on rural outreach for groups not necessarily comfortable with traditional churches, domestically as well as in Central America. Their simple outline sparks interpersonal discussion and forms the basis of building friendship circles, through which the Gospel can eventually be introduced.

This nonprofit organization brought their aging and “manual HTML” site up to current distribution standards and design. Postings made to their Facebook Group page now also appear automatically in a window on the site. PayPal donations are collected through an online form.

The business owner had a contractual relationship with a marketing firm, who rolled out their cookie-cutter website. A package deal with “ongoing maintenance” charges in addition to site hosting expenses is great for some situations. Those who want efficiency, lower cost, and immediate access to manage their content find that a custom implementation is better.

This nonprofit needed to upgrade and update the underlying technology of their 7-year-old site. Now, new functions, features, and styles can be implemented. A lengthy application form can be securely completed online using SSL, with collected data sent to a remote and encrypted spreadsheet, rather than transmitted to an email account via unsecured plain text.

This owner launched a “manual HTML” site years ago, but sought to update the range of cabinet-making examples he could display to potential customers and have a refreshed site design. His broad range of photo galleries now contain dozens of scenes, whose pieces are all handcrafted in his shop, most of which are assembled and custom fit on site.

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