Dave Herriman is the sole proprietor of Summit’s Peak Technology Services.

Initially, the intended career choice in his late teens was photojournalism, in an effort to avoid the expense and post-high school assembly line or “routine” of college. So after asserting himself first into a weekend copy clerk job in the newsroom of the Kansas City Star newspaper, he further insinuated himself into a few freelance photo assignments, covering cultural and music events mostly for the Kansas City Times newspaper.

He persisted there and continued to push into other editorial and sports departments, then was given a chance to work with the Associated Press office and their official staff photographer in KC. With 3 years of first-hand experience covering news at all hours, however, it became apparent that a life in photojournalism was antithetical to having a home and family life.

He left news and took an audio-visual job at a community college, which offered a set schedule, behind the scenes technical work, and a surprisingly-satisfying sense of accomplishment, supporting student progress and success through the framework of a campus-wide team effort. His part-time student-worker job over time morphed into all sorts of roles and technologies, becoming an entire career in higher education.

Personal experience with ground-breaking technical implementations, staffing design, policy construction, dissemination, and refinement, and an awareness of end users’ general reluctance to accept technological “improvements” all became part of his sensitivity, patience, and overall approach. Later in the career, he developed and administered unique coursework for college students enrolled in the Digital Media degree program, as well as for college employees participating in on-site training.

After leaving higher education and the turmoil of technology behind him, he surrendered himself to and turned his attention toward kingdom building for the Lord Jesus Christ. And he realized that every skill he had gained, all the technical methods he had studied, every job role set before him, as well as supervisors, deans or presidents, or even the classroom teaching experiences he had ever been exposed to – were all orchestrated by God, part of his molding to become the best-equipped person God wanted him to be.

Now he assists nonprofit organizations as they implement website technologies, office hardware troubleshooting and upgrades, integration of old data into new formats or systems, and the recruitment and training of new volunteers for delivery of presentation technologies.

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